Consulting Services

While Samarak's CFO Services clients are generally long-term customers, we do provide a variety of consulting services on a short-term basis. As with the CFO Services, all consulting services listed below are provided by Dave Dunn, Samarak's founder.

CFO Consulting services include:

Develop and Analyze Business Plans
Developing a business plan for even a simple business can be complicated and confusing. However, the success of a new business is often dependent on a good business plan. Samarak can help you develop a realistic, simple and flexible business plan.

Develop Financial Models
Samarak can help you develop a comprehensive financial model that will help you evaluate different scenarios, present your business to others, and better manage your business. As every business is different, we custom build all financial models for our clients.

Develop an Operating System to Assist with Monitoring and Executing Corporate Goals
Developing an operating system to assist with monitoring and executing corporate goals is an extremely important part of running a business effectively. This means setting the times during the year that specific events happen. Examples of the types of events that might be part of an operating system are budget meetings, employee reviews, employee surveys, shareholder meetings, and board meetings. Samarak can help you identify which events should be part of your operating system, and we can assist you with implementing it.

Create and Institute Measurement Systems to Track Implementation of Corporate Strategies and Stated Objectives
It is difficult to achieve your goals without measuring how you are doing. However, it is often difficult to figure out exactly what to measure, and measuring the wrong things is both time consuming and, worse, misleading. Samarak can help you figure out what to measure, how to measure it, and how often to measure it.

Create Operational Systems to Maximize the Efficiency of Existing Employees Throughout the Organization
Your employees are your most valuable asset, but it is the underlying organizational systems that enable your employees to function effectively as a team. Effective operational systems insure your employees know what they are supposed to be working on and how their work ties into the corporate objectives. Equally important, effective operational systems are necessary to make sure your customers receive superior service. Samarak can assist you with creating and implementing operational systems that will maximize the efficiency of your employees.


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