Our Customers

Samarak works with companies in a wide variety of industries and geographic locations. The common thread between our customers is that they are all small companies and they are generally facing change. The following is a profile of our typical customer:

Revenue: $1 - $10 million annually

Employees: 5 - 40 employees and generally growing

Reasons for contacting Samarak:

  • Revenues are growing, profits are not, and you aren't sure why
  • Actual results are consistently worse than projected
  • Your bank or investors require financial reports that you aren't comfortable preparing
  • You aren't sure exactly what is driving your profits (or the lack thereof)
  • You want to prepare detailed projections for the next 5 years and aren't sure how to do so.
  • Your company has grown. You used to have your finger on the pulse, but it's getting harder. It's time to institute measurement systems to help you manage your business.

Contact Samarak if you are thinking about adding a part-time CFO to your management team or if you need CFO consulting services.


Recent Samarak customers include:

Insight Research Group

Avalon Consulting


The Plantsmen Nursery


Men Can Stop Rape


Montessori School of Syracuse

Summit Software Company